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One-Line Bio

John McDonald aka "RockThrower" is a writer and consultant on public policy issues and politics.


A secular, pagan Democrat with no moral values, RockThrower has been married for 25 years and is raising two wonderful kids. When he is not drunk or in jail, he has spent his time writing, working in political campaigns, or trying to increase access to healthcare and quality education for low income Americans. Actually he spends most of his time at the beach. During the winter he conducts most of his business on his cell phone on the ski lift between runs.

Opinions expressed in Rockthrower are his only, and do not represent the views of his clients or friends. RockThrower will deny thier influence or participation under any duress (torture) by John Ashcroft or whatever facist Bush appoints as attorney general.


National and state politics, Education, Healthcare, Family Planning and Reproductive Health, Philanthropy