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June 28, 2008



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natural gas

A week after U.S. gasoline prices hit a near-record $3.05 a gallon, Democrats in Congress are promoting legislation taking aim at the big oil companies, although industry experts say that the efforts aren't likely to have any effect...

alternative energy

Republicans are being portrayed as the handmaidens of Exxon Mobil, Shell and other oil companies. Democrats are criticized for not supporting an increase in domestic oil production and discouraging the construction of new refineries through strict environmental regulations.


Democrats’ Empty Rhetoric on Oil Prices.
1. OPEC should pump more oil.
Only more oil supply from OPEC (not from the US…) can bring down prices…

2. Drilling for oil in the US will not have an impact on oil prices.
Drilling for oil in ANWR, Off Shore, Oil Shale and Oil Sands will add millions of barrels daily to the oil market.

3. Stop filling up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
Daily DOE purchases of just 76,000 barrels will not have an impact on oil prices. President Bush was right on the button on this argument. This move had no impact on the oil market since it was announced in May.

4. Only (expensive) alternative energy can bring down oil prices.
If the rule of supply and demand doesn’t apply to oil prices and increasing supply won’t shift the lower prices, why would a decrease in oil demand help.

5. “Big Oil” already leases millions of acres, but they don’t drill to keep prices high.
Didn’t you just argue that drilling won’t bring prices down?
(To get a brief explanation on this issue click here, here and here.)

6. The Oil Companies are pushing for new drilling to make more profit.
This contradicts your previous argument, Stupid.

7. End Oil Speculating.
As if Speculators only trade one way. If it’s for empty speculation, why doesn’t the DJIA go up to 35,000 points? (For a “Liberal” dispute of this argument click here)

8. Tax the Oil Companies.
How will this affect the price of oil?

9. The current price of oil is a result of Bush’s failed energy policies.
The price of Crude was at approximately $65-$70 when the Democrats took control of congress. It’s currently at $137, a 100% increase. The price of Gasoline was at approximately $2.33 when the Democrats took control of congress. It’s currently at $4.10, a 76% increase.

If it wasn’t for the Democrats resistance to increasing oil production for the last 13 years, we would have been busy debating other issues at this time.



Check out this amazing web ad for Sarah Palin. Who is this woman? McCain better pick her for VP.


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